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We are the Planetside 2 dev team, Ask Us Anything!
(Reddit フォーラムより。6 人がファンの質問に答えています。要約します。個々のリンクは省略します)

 Ryan Wells - Producer - Raxxyl

Server population caps are occasionally adjusted to respond to server performance issues. As we're constantly making changes to the game, there is always a chance that server performance can be affected and this is a tool we have to use until the issues can be properly identified and addressed. In the case of OMFG where we took apart many major aspects of the game, we noticed server performance took a little bit of a hit and have been putting out improvements since. We will ratchet the numbers back up over time but may have to make reductions in the future should issues arise.

Early next year.

 Adam Clegg - Level Designer - arclegger

Stay tuned for Xmas this year, it wont be hats but it will be something!

(Higby の質問にあった)壁が多くてイライラするという意見へ
There's a big difference between Wall and blockade. We definitely aren't using walls like we did on Esamir where they completely isolated everything from both sides of it, but we are using walls still as both a blockade where we don't want something to be able to go through it and as foundation to place things on top of it.
・Amerish 大陸の新しいデザインでは、Esamir 大陸のように攻撃・防衛の両サイドの全てを完全に分離するような壁の使い方はしていません。

 Alex Hoffman - Associate Programmer - muldoonx9

 PS4 版は何時?

 PS4 版の解像度やフレームレートは?

 PC 版と PS4 版のクロスプラットフォームは?
Personally I don't want this. For one, you'd have people who are fully certed mobbing the new people, and that wouldn't be fun. Also K+M would be too much for the PS4 players. So I'd like to keep it separate for fairness reasons.
・キーボードとマウスを使用する事は、PS4 プレイヤーにとってハードルが高い。
(BcB)。oO(あくまで一人のプログラマーの意見なので、SOE の公式決定という訳ではありません。しかし、以前 Higby のインタビューでパッド操作に最適化された UI を持つ PS4 向けサーバーを置き、そこへキャラ移動という形で PC 版ユーザーが参加出来る可能性を語っていました)

 PS4 版は、エイムアシストがある?
Pretty sure to there is going to be some aim assist, but that's probably it.

I honestly don't know anything about the mystery bundle. I haven't done any coding on marketplace for anything like that in a bit. The TEST could mean it's a designer testing it out.

 Amit Patel - UI Lead Programmer - TheRedDotter

Some of the things that I would personally like to implement are:
•sorting player #s intra-squad
•drawing on the map with playback
•RTS-style unit selection and commands on the map
•banning from platoon, not just kick
•cycling squad list on HUD to show other squads, also allow member management / sorting from HUD

・マップ上において、RTS スタイルのユニット選択と命令。
・HUD 上において、サイクル表示方式の分隊リストにより他の分隊を表示。また、HUD からのメンバーマネージメント。

We are going to be doing a pass on outfit functionality soon. Right now, we pretty much have the bare bones to create and manage an outfit, but we definitely want to do more to give you all a better social experience. We want to put in things such as:
•outfit decals
•recruitment page
•news / events feed
•outfit base ownership



That is a good idea, I'll add that to our backlog about adding more chat filter options.

 チャットタブを、General、Squad、Platoon、Leader、Outfit の5つ使いたい
I'm sure you can =) It's not even really about the code for this one, it's about how many chat tabs we can fit on our min chat window size without implementing a chat tab scrolling feature. I might just have to bite the bullet on this one and do it, but I will keep you posted on this.

I'm working on it as we speak, don't worry, I got your back. 5 tabs will be supported for PU02.

 Luke Sigmund - Lead Designer - LukeSOE

I'll be updating the roadmap before the end of December. We want to make sure we're giving you guys an accurate look at what's planned, what's in progress, and when we think it will be released. Then after the first of the year you can expect more regular activity with it.
・12 月が終わる前に、ロードマップを更新するでしょう。

 キルメダルを Auraxium で終わりでは無く、Auraxium2 Auraxium3 と引き続き取れるように拡張して欲しい
1.We're talking about things like this. I think ways to show and track your mastery of a weapon can definitely be expanded. Our goal is to make sure whatever we do fits in with our long term systems goals. This may not be the way we end up doing it, but there will be something down the line.

2.Probably not. Cosmetics are very subjective and putting a BR restriction on a personal choice isn't really something that seems to fit in. Now if we were to add more customization slots one day, those in theory would make more sense to be BR locked.

Implants are still very much in our future plans.

Not sure of your definition of foreseeable future, but yes. We are currently planning new alert types. There will be more details on this with a roadmap update.

 Xander Clauss - Level Designer - XanderSOE

 Amerish 大陸の改善が導入されるのは何時?
Amerish is coming along pretty well, but we've still got a lot of work to do on it. I'd expect it within the next month or two. Esamir's performance revamp (won't see much in terms of level design changes)should be coming out before that.

We'll definitely be doing tweaks on Esamir and Indar as time goes on, but not something I'd be expect in the near future or be able to put a timeframe on.

・Amerish 大陸の改善は、かなり近付いています。
・Esamir 大陸のパフォーマンス改善(レベルデザインの変更は多くありません)が、その前に入ります。

・Esamir 大陸や Indar 大陸でも日々微調整をするでしょう。

 Hossin 大陸がテストサーバーへ入って1年経つ前にライブサーバーへ導入される?
I'd expect Hossin before that, yeah



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