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12 月 3・4 日分、1周年記念 Malorn 質疑応答

We are the Planetside 2 dev team, Ask Us Anything!
(Reddit フォーラムより。Malorn が、ファンの質問に答えています。要約します。個々のリンクは省略します)

 David Bennett - Game Designer - Malorn

We have continental ideas sketched out for several continents, and those are based on PS1 themes, but often with a twist. Hossin is like the Hossin of PS1 but it has a big plateau in the middle with wetlands around the edges. As you know Searhus has been announced previously, and like the PS1 continent of the same name, Searhus is based around a giant volcano.

The Battle Islands are also mapped after PS1. Nexus is ice-themed with some rough terrain, like Nexus of PS1. Other BIs will likely follow that trend, like Desolation (desert armor-friendly with little elevation), Ascension (air-friendly plateau), and Extinction (swamp w/ very rough terrain and a lot of chokes and bridges).

Shortly after doing the Hossin layout, I worked on a continent layout for Cyssor a while back modeled after PS1 and very similar in geography as a sort of throw-back continent for the fans. But don't get your hopes up - I don't think you'll be seeing that anytime soon. But maybe someday Cyssorside might return.

・Hossin 大陸は PS1 の Hossin に似ていますが、中央に台地があり周りに湿地があります。
・Searhus 大陸は、巨大な火山の周りに基地があります。

・バトルアイランドもまた、PS1 にあった Nexus の氷をテーマにしています。
・他のバトルアイランドも同じ傾向で、Desolation は砂漠で起伏が少なく車両が活躍出来ます。
・Ascension は、航空機が活躍出来る台地です。
・Extinction は沼地と起伏の多い所で、沢山の細い場所と橋があります。

・Hossin 大陸のレイアウトをした直後に、Cyssor 大陸のレイアウトを続けて作りました。
・ファンのため、地形的にかなり PS1 の Cyssor に似ています。(BcB)。oO(Leza があるのかなw)
・しかし、Cyssor サイドはいつの日か戻ってくるかもしれません。

The cross-continent features excite me the most, as it completely changes the way you access content and brings in a stronger sense of accomplishment that you won't find in any session shooter.
・大陸へのアクセス方法を根本から変えて、どの FPS のセッションからも得られなかった大きな達成感をもたらします。

We've done a lot to better isolate capture points from vehicle ordinance, but there's always going to be a transition area where you go from indoor-infantry-only to mixed vehicles. In the video you linked the harasser was nowhere near the crossroads capture points, but it was in that transition area where both exist.

Vehicles spamming a capture point is not intended gameplay. On the whole, level designers try to prevent that in the bases we make. If there's still a few places on Indar and Esamir where it can happen, bug 'em and we might be able to address it next time we do a pass.
・Indar 大陸や Esamir 大陸の幾つかの場所でまだそれが起こるなら、バグであり次回のパスで解消出来るかもしれません。

Like many features, resource revamp is on hold while we work on performance improvements. We'll have a better idea on when to expect it after that work is completed.

I can speak a bit on layouts, as I did the Hossin facility layout and helped work on the lattice on Indar and Esamir.

As for lattice layout, Hossin and Nexus are post-lattice continents that are a good example of future direction. Large Outposts are typically used as anchor points as they are among the most defensible (due in part to their size and time required to capture). Small outposts offer better fights for smaller groups, and more rapid movement and volatility in the lane.

Consider Regent Rock to Crossroads. Both Regent Rock and XRoads are tough towers to take, but Xenotech in between them is much easier. Fights will often go back and forth between these two towers with Xeno changing hands many times, but still having a great fight there. Its one of my favorites!

On Hossin you can see symmetry and some variation - an outer ring, a middle ring, and an inner ring. The outer ring has the tech plants with a near and far facility with a few smalls and larges connecting them. The inner ring is set up similar to the Regent Rock - XRoads fight, with three facilities connected by a small outpost and a large in the middle as map control / flanking. The middle ring of Hossin is mostly small outposts and flatter wetlands. It is intended to be a flanking lane as an alternate path to the inner ring, and a way to pass around the outer ring. It still ultimately connects up to a large outpost on either end, but the lane itself is all small outpost fighting.

How that plays out and whether players like it will help feed future layouts.

・私は Hossin 大陸の基地配置と Indar 大陸・Esamir 大陸の Lattice リンク作業を手伝ったので、少しお話する事が出来ます。

・Lattice レイアウトに関しては、Hossin 大陸と Nexus バトルアイランドが将来の Lattice についての方向性を示す良い例となります。

・Regent Rock と Crossroads について考えてみましょう。
・しかし間にある Xenotech は、かなり容易に占領出来ます。
・そして Xeno は何度も塗り替えられますが、素晴らしい戦闘がそこにはあります。

・Hossin 大陸では左右対称のレイアウトと、若干の変化を見るでしょう。


 リソース改善に ANT(リソース輸送車)は含まれる?
It includes the concept of the ANT - vehicle-based resource harvesting for facility power. As to the actual ANT as it was in PS1, we've decided against that. The Sunderer is our sort of all-purpose truck in PS2, so harvesting duties are planned on being an ANT module for it similar to how the AMS is a module.
・ANT は PS1 にあった基地エネルギー収集運搬車です。
・PS2 では、多目的トラックのサンダラーが担います。
・AMS モジュールのように、ANT モジュールをサンダラーへ装着する事で基地エネルギーを収集運搬出来るよう計画しています。

 何故、運搬車を Harasser にしないの? そっちの方が適任だと思う
Harasser is not ideal because part of the purpose of the supply vehicle is to be a moving objective. If the supply vehicle is very fast then there's less opportunity for it to be a target and less ability to escort it. A Sundy is fits well because it is fairly slow (and being full of power might make it slower), so there will be need to escort it, it will be possible to escort it with anything, and there will be opportunity to intercept it.
・目的の一部として運搬車は移動目標でもあるので、Harasser は理想的ではありません。

 最適化で Indar 大陸の装備ターミナルが削減されたのは何故?
The reason for the terminal reduction was for performance. Terminals are fairly costly performance-wise, which is why they've been reduced in number.

Is the gain worth the cost? That's good feedback for us.


There's actually a new hangar building that you might see in a few places on Amerish!

Edit: After the Amerish revamp!

・新しいハンガー(格納庫)が、Amerish 大陸の幾つかの場所で見る事が出来るでしょう。
・Amerish 大陸の改善後ね!

More WDS events are planned for the future; can't give any more specifics than that, sorry.

Yes, we're looking at many changes to WDS to improve visibility, predictability of scoring, and personal rewards.

We learned what is most important to players to make the event successful, and it gave us a good sense of the things that need to change in future rounds.

・詳細はまだ出せませんが、更なる WDS イベントを将来に計画しています。


・将来の WDS 開催において変更が必要な事に関して、良いひらめきを貰いました。

If the tunnel involves cutting a hole in terrain, it interferes with occlusion logic. Terrain is used for a lot of optimizations as it is normally a reliable occluder. The hole means that all bets are off and so a lot of those optimizations can't be used in that area, thus performance hit.

We can do seemingly underground areas using objects, which is often how it is done in many places like the Rashnu Cavern. In these cases what you are seeing isn't something under the terrain, we just sink the terrain and then have objects like rocks and things covering up the top so it isn't obvious. The lighting can also be tricky because we have optimizations for the lighting and sometimes it doesn't look good if you're buried under a ton of objects. It usually takes time to do an interior or underground area correclty and a lot of our props weren't created with that purpose in mind so it tends to look a bit funny and difficult to get things to line up properly. If it isn't carefully done it just plain looks bad. Generally it's time consuming to do it right while maintaining a good look, and we have hundreds of outposts, so it's typically not productive to do that. We've gotten a lot more props (like those modular walls you see a lot on Esamir) which have given us a lot more tools for building structures into terrain while making it look good, so this will probably keep getting better over time with future bases and revamps.


・Rashnu Cavern のように。



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