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2013.07.11 Planetside2 News (Prowler が展開出来ないのはバグ)

(サンダラーが展開出来ないゾーンで、Prowler も展開出来ないのは意図したもの?)


GU13 killed my sound
(Reddit フォーラムより。Higby のコメントです)

We're looking into a bug with audio on windows XP systems. Hopefully will have a hotfix out for it soon.

 WindowsXP の音声がバグっているので調査しています。すぐに臨時修正を入れられるように望んでいます。

How does it decided where I can spawn? These were the choices when I started the game :(
(Reddit フォーラムより。デザイナーの Malorn によるコメントです。要約します)

 I've been working on improving the respawn option behavior and this should be improved in GU13 if all goes well.

Here's the current logic for the normal spawn list, excluding squad spawn options and reinforcements needed. This will be obsolete when above mentioned improvements arrive.
•You always have access to the warpgate.
•You have access to all available spawns within 1000m, including Sundies
•The spawn system also ensures you always have access to at least 1 facility of each type (small outpost, large outpost, and large facility). So if you don't have access to one of those within 1000m it will give you the nearest one.

Note that distance and "nearest" is calculated differently lattice vs non-lattice. For Indar (lattice) it uses distance by lattice links. For Amerish/Esamir (hex) it uses distance by hexes.

The reinforcements needed are effectively your top three defensive instant action points and uses the same determination logic as instant action. In your example it gave you Ikanam 3 times because Ikanam has multiple spawn points and Ikanam scored high, because bio labs. On Indar where the satellites are separate territories they get scored separately and so it doesn't do that. As lattice makes its way to other continents the triple-Ikanam reinforcements phenomena will vanish.

So to answer your question, here's how your spawn points were determined: You got access to Hidden Ridge, Crux, and Jagged Lance because they were within 1000m. You always have the warpgate, and it gave you Sungrey because you didn't have a facility spawn within 1000m and Sungrey's satellite was the closest one. Then Reinforcements needed gave you the three Ikanam spawns, because bio labs.

・全て上手く行けば、GU13 で向上するはずです。

・サンダラーを含めて 1000m 以内の全てのスポーン可能な地点が使える。
・各基地タイプ(小さいアウトポスト、大きいアウトポスト、大型基地)において、少なくとも 1 つは利用出来る。(1000m 以内に 1 つも無ければ、最も近い基地が 1 つ選ばれる)
・「最も近い」基地は、Lattice システムの Indar 大陸と Esamir 大陸・Amerish 大陸では距離の測り方が違います。Indar は Lattice Link の距離、Esamir・Amerish はヘックスの距離です。

・増援に選択される3箇所がサテライトを含め全て Ikanam バイオ基地になったりするのは、Lattice システムにおいてサテライトも1つの独立したリージョンだからです。


 Currently the upcoming changes support the following spawn rules:
•You can spawn at any linked outposts (lattice) or adjacent outposts (hex) to the territory in which you died.
•You can spawn at the current region if you own it.
•You can spawn at the warpgate
•You are still guaranteed at least 1 facility of each type, which is the nearest outpost meeting that critera by link distance (lattice) or hex distance (hex). Requires you to own one of each type of course.
•You can spawn at any Sunderers within 1000m.

No change to squad spawn or reinforcements needed.

We may tune the values, such as the number of each guaranteed facility type, the range of sunderers, etc, so don't be surprised if they differ in the patch notes.


・あなたが死亡したリージョンに対して(Lattice では無い大陸なら)隣接しているか Lattice リンクが繋がっているリージョンからなら、何処でも復活出来ます。
・1000m 以内にいる全ての展開されたサンダラー。



 More remote spawn options means more mobility and more volatility in the lanes. While not immediately obvious, spawn options greatly impact flow across the continent and too much mobility can have a severe negative effect on battle flow. It causes some of the common complaints such as stagnant fights and the inability to get good small fights, and constant zerg fighting.

To give an example, many organized squads and platoons will use the Reinforcements Needed points to hop from defensive fight to defensive fight, squash any resistance, and move on to the next one. This makes progressing any front difficult, especially at large outposts where there is often a lot of time to respond. You think you have the outpost won and out of nowhere a zerg appears and crushes you. Then when you fall back to the next base anticipating that zerg pushing never comes...because they hopped over to another area. When you push back in again they re-appear to halt your advance again. It turns small fights into big fights and stagnates a front line preventing either side from gaining meaningful progression. All that is caused by convenient long distance mobility across the map.

The goal with the upcoming spawn changes are to give you consistent and predictable spawn options to move around in the regions in your local vicinity, but not to give you freedom to go anywhere at any time. If you want to change lanes/fronts, reinforcements needed, instant action, or a vehicle are your options. That is so there is flexibility for you in the area but not so much that it becomes easy to destabilize a front.




 Spawning at any connected spawn point is part of the spawn changes I am working on. So you will always be able to spawn at any outpost with a direct link to your current region. That works in both friendly and enemy territory.

For example, if you own Xenotech Labs and Scarred Mesa and are fighting for Regent Rock, if you die at Regent Rock you can choose to spawn at either Scarred Mesa or Xenotech. If you succeed in capturing Regent Rock and redeployed in that region you would be able to spawn at any of those three since you are currently at regent rock and Scarred Mesa and Xenotech are both directly linked. With the current system you cannot spawn at Scarred Mesa in both cases. This change would give you consistent and flexible fallback spawns.


・例えば、あなたの帝国が Xenotech Labs と Scarred Mesa を所有し、敵の所有する Regent Rock で戦っているとします。
・もしあなたが Regent Rock で死んだなら、あなたは Scarred Mesa か Zenotech のどちらでも復活地点として選ぶ事が出来ます。
・もしあなたが Regent Rock の占領に成功したなら、Redeploy で現在いる Regent Rock と直接繋がっている Scarred Mesa か Zenotech の合計 3 つの中から何処ででも復活出来ます。
・現在のシステムでは、両方のケースで Scarred Mesa へスポーン出来ないはずです。


GU12 - New Flash Bumpers
(Reddit フォーラムより。ファンの Huntedstormm による投稿です)









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